How the IKEA Finnala outshines the Vimle

IKEA Finnala Sofa

In a recent move, IKEA bid farewell to the beloved Vimle sofa and introduced the Finnala, a modified and improved version that strives to continue the legacy of its predecessor. While the Vimle is still available in certain regions, the new Finnala is gradually taking its place in the US and Canada. This shift hints at a potential phasing out of the Vimle, suggesting a strategic market-focused decision by IKEA.


Resembling its forerunner in appearance and configurational options, the Finnala inherits the signature square arms and cushions, maintaining the modular flexibility that made the Vimle popular. Notably, the Finnala boasts heightened backrests and armrests, enhancing its overall stature without altering its fundamental design.

Comfort (8/10):

An enduring upgrade from the Vimle, the Finnala‘s inclusion of springs within the seat cushions ensures firmer support and sustained shape retention, elevating the overall comfort level. Its modular nature remains a key highlight, accommodating various configurations that cater to diverse preferences.

Aesthetics (7.5/10):

While the Finnala preserves the Vimle‘s simplistic charm, IKEA has reduced the colour options from nine to six, opting for safer choices and eliminating bolder alternatives like dark green and vibrant yellow. The daring Dalstorp Multicolor stands as the only edgy fabric option, indicating a slight departure from conventional designs.

Price (7.5/10):

Priced competitively within IKEA’s standard range, the Finnala closely aligns with the Vimle‘s cost structure. Despite slight increases for certain models, the additional investment for enhanced comfort and long-term utility appears justifiable, especially considering the potential for expanding the sofa configuration.

Practicality (8/10):

Benefitting from a 10-year warranty and retaining the Vimle‘s functionality, the Finnala showcases commendable durability. The integration of springs within the seat cushions reinforces its robust build, promising extended reliability. While slipcovers are available, the shift in dimensions warrants new templates to ensure a perfect fit, showcasing IKEA’s ongoing commitment to user convenience.

Final Verdict (8/10):

Earning an impressive overall score of 8/10, the Finnala pays homage to the Vimle‘s excellence while introducing subtle yet significant enhancements. Despite a reduction in colour options, the incorporation of springs in the seat cushions underlines IKEA’s commitment to durability and user comfort. With its modular adaptability and enduring build quality, the Finnala continues to uphold IKEA’s tradition of delivering versatile and reliable furniture solutions. Whether it’s a 2-seater for now or an extended 5-seater in the future, the Finnala promises lasting comfort and style for years to come.

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