IKEA Uppland sofa review – A new classic

IKEA Uppland Sofa

IKEA bid farewell to its long-standing favourite, the Ektorp, leaving fans in the US and Canada scrambling for its replacement. The Uppland emerged as the heir apparent, tasked with filling the void left by its predecessor. This review dissects the Uppland’s performance and features to see how it measures up to its iconic forerunner.


The Uppland closely mimics the Ektorp’s design, with identical configurations and a familiar silhouette. However, notable adjustments in dimensions set it apart, offering increased height, depth, and longer armrests. These changes suggest a deliberate effort to cater to Western preferences, marking a departure from the more subtle alterations made in the past.


The Uppland delivers a markedly enhanced comfort experience compared to the Ektorp, owing to its increased seating depth and spring-supported cushions. While it retains the classic round arm style, the added dimensions foster a more relaxed lounging experience, complemented by its accessible seating height and overstuffed cushions. Despite its firmness, the Uppland’s overall comfort scores a solid 9/10, making it a welcome upgrade for users seeking enhanced relaxation and support.

Design and Aesthetics:

Reflecting the classic round arm sofa style, the Uppland’s aesthetic largely echoes that of the Ektorp. Limited colour choices somewhat constrain its design versatility, yet its timeless appeal and diverse slipcover options contribute to its aesthetic adaptability. With its unpretentious charm, the Uppland seamlessly complements various interior themes, earning an 8/10 in the aesthetics category.

Price and Construction:

Maintaining its budget-friendly reputation, the Uppland offers improved cushion support with added spring mechanisms, further bolstering its value for money. IKEA’s 10-year guarantee on the frame and cushions instil confidence in its durability, while the user-friendly cover design and resilient frame ensure long-term reliability. Affordability, combined with enhanced construction, earns the Uppland a perfect 10/10 in this category, solidifying its reputation as a competitive and dependable sofa option.


The Uppland’s bold modifications signal IKEA’s strategic commitment to creating a well-rounded successor to the revered Ektorp. Its accessibility, enhanced comfort, and approachable aesthetics make it a compelling option, particularly for those seeking a Pottery Barn-like experience at a fraction of the cost. With its promising attributes and improved design, the Uppland asserts itself as a strong contender for the title of America’s top round arm couch, appealing to a broad range of consumers seeking a blend of comfort, affordability, and enduring quality.

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