The IKEA Beddinge sofa bed review – More of a bed than a sofa

IKEA Beddinge Sofa


The IKEA Beddinge sofa bed, often referred to as the “click-clack” sofa bed, was introduced in 2010. As a no-frills futon-style sofa bed, it gained mixed reviews, leading to its discontinuation several years ago.

Technical Details & Design:

Solely available as a 3-seater sofa bed, the Beddinge lacks distinct design features or armrests, highlighting its primary focus on functionality rather than aesthetics. With its straightforward appearance, it can blend with diverse interior designs or remain unnoticed, depending on one’s taste.

Comfort & User Reviews:

User feedback reveals conflicting experiences, creating a divide in opinions. While some customers praise the Beddinge for its durability, firm cushioning, and budget-friendly value, others express discontent due to frequent structural issues, including breakages and sinking sections when used as a bed. Concerns regarding discomfort for shorter individuals have also surfaced.

Verdict and Slipcover Options:

Given the conflicting perspectives, the Beddinge sofa bed might cater to specific user preferences while potentially disappointing others. Primarily suited as a spare bed rather than a daily lounging sofa, its endurance depends on careful handling. For those inclined to personalise their Beddinge, Comfort Works offers an array of IKEA Beddinge loose fit slipcovers, providing an opportunity to enhance its appearance and potentially improve user satisfaction.


Design: 2/10

Comfort: 4/10

Price: $$

For those considering alternative IKEA sofa beds, exploring detailed reviews of popular options such as the IKEA Friheten could offer valuable insights.

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