IKEA Grönlid sofa review

IKEA Gronlid sofa


The Grönlid sofa, akin to the Ektorp, retains a classic design, with subtle armrests and refined piping. While offering limited colour choices, the nature-inspired tones may seem commonplace. Nonetheless, custom Grönlid slipcovers from Comfort Works provide a wider array of fabric options for personalization. Aesthetic score: 6/10


The Grönlid surpasses its IKEA counterparts in comfort, boasting plush cushions and a generous seat depth. The addition of movable back cushions enhances the lounging experience, making it ideal for naps. Comfort score: 9/10


Despite its modularity, the Grönlid’s bulkiness limits flexibility in customisation. While featuring standard sectional components, such as footstools and chaise lounges, its overall design constraints versatile arrangements. Hackability score: 3/10


At GBP 499 for the 3-seater, the Grönlid’s affordability is reasonable, considering its superior comfort. While additional components can escalate the cost, the base price justifies the added comfort. Price score: 7/10

Final Verdict:

The Grönlid proves to be a valuable addition to IKEA’s lineup, excelling in comfort with its cloud-like cushions and versatile loose cushions. Despite its limited hackability, the higher price is justifiable for the enhanced comfort it offers. Overall final score: 6/10

For individuals seeking a more personalised touch, Comfort Works offers over 70 fabric options, allowing users to revamp their Grönlid sofa to match their lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

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