The best IKEA chaise lounges for napping

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A chaise lounge, known as a chaise lounge in some cultures, refers to an elongated chair perfect for stretching out and relaxing. Comfort, armrest options, and ideal length are key factors for the ultimate nap experience.


With its outdoor appeal, the Äpplarö sun lounger embraces adjustability and portability, making it a suitable option for a light sun-soaked nap. However, its thin padding might limit extended snoozing. Napability rating: 5/10 snuggles


Featuring a classic English roll arm style, the Stocksund chaise lounge, with its pocket spring cushions, provides comfort for both lounging and binge-watching Netflix. Napability rating: 6.5/10 snuggles


Embracing ample space with the option of a two-seater chaise lounge, the Norsborg series combines comfort with practicality, offering a snug nap environment with spacious cushions and high armrests. Napability rating: 7/10 snuggles


As a modern classic, the Ektorp chaise lounge, available in versatile configurations, remains a favoured choice for its adaptability in various room setups, catering to both individual and collective napping preferences. Napability rating: 8/10 snuggles


Offering a wide, armrest-free design, the Kivik chaise lounge secures the top spot with its memory foam top layer, ensuring the utmost comfort for extended naps. Its roominess accommodates multiple occupants, making it a popular choice for households. Overall napability: 9/10 snuggles

To enhance your nap haven, consider rejuvenating your chaise lounge with fresh slipcovers, supportive cushions, or a cosy throw, reviving your space for optimal relaxation.

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