5 best IKEA 3-seater sofas

IKEA Ektorp best 3 seater sofa

When it comes to furnishing your living space, a 3-seater sofa provides that ideal balance between comfort and ample seating. Here are the top 5 IKEA 3-seater sofas that cater to various preferences:


The Uppland boasts deep seats measuring 58cm (22⅞ inches) and a comfortable height of 47cm (18½ inches). Its seat cushions, filled with pocket springs, high resilience foam, and polyester fibres, promise enduring shape retention. With a length of 224cm (88¼ inches), the Uppland offers a perfect combination of comfort and style.


While not explicitly labelled as a 3-seater, the Friheten comfortably accommodates three individuals. This sleeper sofa stands out by seamlessly transforming into a bed for overnight guests. With a length of 225cm (88⅝ inches) and deep seating of 61cm (24 inches), the Friheten combines versatility and comfort.


The Finnala, a successor to the Vimle, shares its predecessor’s design with some added length. Featuring a 55cm-deep seat cushion, the Finnala offers firm yet spacious seating, thanks to pocket springs and wadding. With limited colour options, consider personalising it with custom slipcovers for a unique touch.


Standing as the widest on the list at 249cm (98 inches) and a seat height of 49cm (19¼ inches), the Harlanda caters to those seeking a spacious and elevated seating experience. With removable back cushions and plush seat cushions, it provides a comfortable haven for relaxation.


The Färlov stands out with its stylish design, including sloped arms and decorative pillows. Available in four slipcover options, it complements various interior styles. For further customization, consider purchasing a naked sofa and adorning it with beautiful slipcovers from Comfort Works.

Whether you prioritise deep seating, sleeper functionality, classic design, spaciousness, or stylish aesthetics, these top 5 IKEA 3-seater sofas offer a range of choices to elevate your living space. Explore the reviews to find the perfect fit for your home.

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