Why the Vimle is IKEA’s biggest hit

IKEA Vimle Footstool

The Vimle sofa, renowned for its simplicity, comfort, and adaptability, continues to dominate the market as one of IKEA’s standout products. Its modular design facilitates effortless customisation for diverse living room styles, ensuring a fresh look with every season while maintaining the same beloved sofa. Even with its contemporary appeal, the Vimle seamlessly complements various decor styles, appealing to a broad spectrum of preferences.


The Vimle sofa, known as “Finnala” in the US and Canada with recent enhancements, is available in different sizes and combinations, including 2-seaters, 3-seaters, corner sofas, U-shaped options, and more. With its modular structure, buyers can mix and match pieces to achieve their desired living room aesthetic, supported by IKEA’s Vimle planner for personalised configuration. 

Comfort (7/10):

Similar to the IKEA Karlstad in depth and height, the Vimle offers an even wider seating area, accommodating individuals up to 6 feet tall. Despite its unassuming appearance, the Vimle provides remarkable comfort, suitable for a relaxing nap. One minor drawback lies in its tall and thin armrests, which can be remedied with additional throw pillows or cushions. Fortunately, the newer Vimle version offers wider and lower armrests, catering to varying preferences.

Aesthetics (8/10):

With its simple and elegant design, the Vimle seamlessly adapts to different living room styles, making it a versatile choice for many households. However, the limited colour options—six choices from IKEA—might limit some customers seeking a more diverse palette.

Price (7/10):

The Vimle‘s price range falls within a reasonable bracket, reflecting a standard value proposition. From a 2-seater option at £450 to a U-shaped 6-seater at £3,228, the Vimle caters to various budget ranges, offering a balance between quality and affordability.

Durability (7.5/10):

Backed by a 10-year guarantee, the Vimle undergoes rigorous testing to ensure lasting structural integrity and robustness. Its solid build and dependable module unions reassure users of its enduring performance, solidifying its position as a long-term investment.

Verdict (7.5/10):

The overall score of 7.5/10 highlights the Vimle‘s commendable attributes, including comfort, aesthetics, price, and durability. With its well-rounded design and solid build quality, the Vimle remains a highly recommended choice. Its popularity has even led to its inclusion in Comfort Works’ customisable slipcover range, allowing customers to personalise their Vimle sofas to match their unique styles and preferences. This adaptable and dependable piece continues to be a top contender in the world of contemporary furniture.

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