Plants are statement-making elements which you can incorporate into the kitchen. It adds a bit of life, freshness and relaxing feeling in this section of a house. It gives texture and makes the kitchen feel natural. Kitchen decoration with plants is an easy way to create an attractive ambiance in your kitchen and save money.

Are you thinking of how to design your cooking department with plants? Here are a few inspirational tips how you can use plants as part of your design for your kitchen.

Grow Plants on Kitchen Windows

You can grow plants such as herbs and flowers on your window sills and at the same time add beauty to your home. The color of a plant sitting on your window will blend with the sunlight coming into the kitchen and radiate your kitchen with its green, natural color.

Select the Right Color

After you have strategically stationed indoor plants at different sections of your kitchen, the color of other design elements ought to conform to that of the plants and make your kitchen look more stylish.

Use on Countertops

Placing indoor plants & kitchen appliances like a modern countertop ice machine, oven, blender, food processor, etc. on your kitchen countertop will not only make them conspicuous but it will also evidently bring elegance to your kitchen space.

As Wall Hangings

A kitchen wall with an attractive background color such as white or any other color can be accentuated with a plant hanging on the wall. This will make your wall look lively and make it the focal point of your kitchen.


Use tall houseplants to flank doors and fill up empty wall space in lieu of features of curtains and other decoration tools.

At the Ceiling

Short spreading green indoor plants in hanging planters will bring the ceiling of a large kitchen lower. It should not be used in a small kitchen.

On The Kitchen Table

Short indoor green plants can be stationed on kitchen tables. The natural color radiated by the green plant will blend with the texture of the wood of the kitchen table to make your kitchen very welcoming and hospitable.

On Top Of Kitchen Cabinets

Indoor plants can be placed on kitchen cabinets to beautify this part of the kitchen and the kitchen at large. You should be careful with the color of the cabinet as against setting up a conflict of color.

There you have it! The above are some tips to help improve the design of your kitchen using plants. By following the tips mentioned above, you can always make your kitchen pleasant and welcoming. Every cooking will bring pleasant memories and a wonderful experience.