Home construction isn’t just about putting it up and hoping it works – besides creating the bones of a home, the design as it relates to the interior decoration has to be right too. To the extent that a construction company can work with an interior designer to achieve the perfect look, the perfect space for air hockey table – it will be a true ‘dream home’ that you’d be proud to have your grand-kids over to.

1. Balance

The elements shouldn’t be too heavy on one side and should have other heavy or light items (fireplace to a recessed window) that draw the eye, rather than clustering these types of elements all in one space.

2. Open-ness

‘Open floor plans’ are becoming the only kinds of plans new home-owners want. The construction of new homes has started to make this a key component in ensuring the home value is as high as possible. Balancing openness in the community spaces, to the privacy of the individual rooms can be a construction companies specialty.

3. Contrast

If a large open window is juxtaposed next to a deep grey wall, or a navy oven contrasts heavily with white cupboards, you can get in the sweet spot of contrast. This has more to do with the paint and the appliances but relates to the construction as well. Day-lighting and dynamic white lighting can also help create contrast with lighting effects.

4. Complimentary Colors

Colors – are meant to compliment each other. And even though green ferns are a delight – it doesn’t mean that a green wall will have the same effect. So it’s really about making sure the RIGHT items, are mixed in with the right colors and present a clean, inviting vibe throughout the home. Ideally, this is all based closely on what the inhabitants LOVE.

5. Natural Design

Places for plants, shapes that call to mind the elegance and flowing nature of the outside, and of course big windows and skylights all lend themselves well to create a more natural design. Everything is not sharp edges, but rather there should be a place for each style and a harmonious balance of natural and synthetic.

6. Modern Aspects

The synthetic can be in the form of the more rigid elements in stone, or metal. But it also can be in the other materials, not dug up from the ground. Modern aspects of home design that relate to the interior decoration can be minimal but need to not feel totally out of place.

7. Rustic Elements

Always place emphasis on the rustic elements, thoughtfully presented, and intentionally displayed. This can be with weathered wood, shabby chic, but more often – these days, it is in the stone and wood used, rather than the way they are painted.

8. That Certain Something – Je ne sais quoi  – Feng Shui

This will have to do with – you – as the homeowner, or your client – if you are an interior decorator or a construction professional. It’s about getting those special touches that make a house feel like a home and should be few and far between – but prominent.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to share your thoughts in a comment!