open interior

Having a small room doesn’t mean that you still can’t make it look big. Here are eight tips on how to create an open interior or reconstruct the rooms in your home to make them look bigger.

1.  Use Light Colors to Enhance the Open Interior

Light colors have this capacity of making things look bigger than the way they are. This is why they are suitable when creating an open interior. Use light color on the walls to make the wall spaces appear bigger. Take the same shade up onto cornice and the ceiling to draw the eye up. Lighter floors, especially light wood or painted white, will also give a greater sense of space. Use them also on the ceiling which will make it look higher when it is looked at.

2.  Declutter

Another way to create an open interior free up some spaces around your home. Ask yourself if you really need most of the household equipment around. Remove those that you are no longer using as to make your room look more spacious.

3.  Use Art Paintings

You can create open interior in your room using a piece of artifact. Hang an art or a painting at a distant wall in the room. This way, you will draw attention to the visual element and expand the perceived depth of the room.

4.  Use Window Treatments

Use lowered windowsill heights, wall windows, French doors, commercial-grade convection oven, or even single decorative windows in order to let in an as much natural light as possible and expand sightlines beyond the interior. This will expand the view of the room creating seeming scenery that the room is wide, thus, creating an open interior.

5.  Apply Accessories

Decorate the room with a few carefully chosen accessories that are larger in scale, such as a big art print or a few large coffee table books, rather than lots of smaller pieces that will crowd the space and make it look cluttered.

6.  Mirrors

Mirrors create illusion making where it is confined in to seem bigger. To create an open interior, use a big mirror on the walls that will bounce light and images around the room and make them appear spacious than they are.

7.  Modify the Floor

The look of the floor of a room can be harnessed to make a room feel bigger. Smooth, cool surfaces of polished woods make a room appear bigger than wood furnishings. Thus, by modifying the floor, you can always expect an enhanced open interior.more properties on

8.  Eliminate Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and drapes block the view of the outside from the inside. Boycotting the installation of curtains and drapes during window treatment will keep your home simple with a pseudo openness, exactly what you need to create the open interior.

One of the things you have to do as a home owner is to ensure that your home looks wonderful at every point in time. With the above tips, you can always create an open interior that will wow your visitors, as you make your living area an ambiance of sophistication.