It may be your first time venturing out living away from your original family home and you’ve chosen to live in an apartment. It’s probably your first time decorating your apartment into your own home.

Or you may prefer apartment living, or townhouse or condominium, without garden maintenance, and with added features of security, car parking and leisure facilities. You also may prefer the views that an apartment can afford you – whether it’s of a city skyline, overlooking surrounding parkland, or a view across the ocean.

You’re either renting or you’ve just purchased your apartment – these are both very important considerations in how you proceed with home decorating your apartment.

Apartment Decorating

Apartment Decorating is all about simplicity and appropriateness.

Make sure your home decorating choices suit your environment and your setting. You’re in an environment where you’re looking for simple, slick, clean lines. For example, the fussiness or busyness of Country Home Decorating style will just not cut it, or suit, or look right or feel right, on the upper floor of a city high-rise.

You have to have keep in mind a balance between the appropriateness of your current home location as well as future possibilities when making your major furniture and accessories selections.

Apartments can also have the problem of limited or small space.

Ideas and Tips

Scale things up – small rooms look great with large sofas and enormous bookcases. It gives the room the dimensions it doesn’t actually have.

Mirrors – when used in small rooms, mirrors can actually help make the room appear larger. Start small with vanity mirrors and expand as you see fit.

Window Treatments – simple window treatments are best for rooms of modest proportions. Use lighter colors to give the illusion of a larger room or darker colors for the opposite.

Plants – Plants are a great addition to any decorating project. Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb, you can always get an artificial version of your favorite plant.

Modern vs Antique – some genuine antiques come with a hefty price tag. If enjoy antiques but can’t afford them in your budget, go modern instead. Many replicas can also be obtained to add an antique feel without breaking the bank.

Still stuck on ideas? Get advice from local hobby shops and antique stores. Or drive by some garage sales on the weekends to snatch up some excellent pieces that will fit into your decor.