We looked at a wide variety of Doors for our new home. Our Lumber supplier also offered both interior, and exterior doors. As I have mentioned many times, it is a good idea to check prices by letting them bid all the building materials that they supply, this would include interior, and exterior doors.

Exterior Doors for Home Building

After owning several homes, and having experience with the maintenance required for wooden exterior doors, we decided to install metal doors on the exterior of our home. Wood doors are far too maintenance intensive in the southern climate that we live in, and require refinishing often.

Exterior DoorThey also swell up during high humidity causing them to stick and not close properly.
We found a local manufacturer that essentially takes a pre-manufactured exterior door, and cuts the center out to install ornamental glass, or clear double paned glass. Again we found this manufacturer by visiting new homes being built in our area, and making some calls.

We saved 50% on our tall double entry doors compared to retail prices. As with our other building materials we took our plans and had the manufacturer give us a quote on every door in the house. We found the Lumberyard was cheaper on the interior doors, and higher on the exterior doors.

Metal Exterior Doors

A few more notes if you are considering metal doors. Make sure the metal is galvanized, and the manufacturer warranties them against corrosion, and the glass inserts against fogging up with humidity. We have not had to use our warranty on any of our doors but we have it if we need it.

Also be sure the framing is able to hold up a metal door. As you might have already figured, an exterior metal door weighs significantly more than a wooden or aluminium door. This is a feature that adds majesty to a home’s entrance and can add some character.

No matter the type of exterior door you decide when building your new home, be sure to take some notes on tips for caring and maintaining it. Heavier doors might require lubrication at some point down the road. Ask the manufacturer for an owners manual or to provide you with care instructions.

Glass Exterior Doors

Glass doors have become very popular with new home construction. If you have enough space in front of your home, the lack of privacy won’t matter too much. Otherwise think twice before taking the plunge.

Exterior glass doors are very tough and resilient. They don’t require any special maintenance other than cleaning off fingerprint smudges. A good tool to use is a squeegee similar to the ones used to clean car windshields.