Exterior Home Construction Materials

According to your taste, and what your plans call for, you may choose to cover all or a portion of your home with Stone, or Brick. I would suggest finding a local supplier that specializes in brick or stone products, and visit their showroom.

Masonry for Home Building

In their showroom they will have samples of many different types of stone, and brick to choose from. Find what you want, and then ask then for a list of qualified contractors to install it for you.

The type of brick, or stone you choose will affect the way you construct your slab. You need to select the type, and the amount of wall coverage prior to having your foundation plan drawn.

This is because the more brick or stone you have will affect the weight that the foundation will have to support. Also most brick requires a brick ledge on the foundation. An alternative is cultured stone that is much lighter, and does not require a brick ledge. If you live in an area that the foundation must be fortified to support the additional weight of brick, or stone you may come out cheaper, using cultured stone.

Exterior Home MaterialsYour contractor normally will supply the metal lathe, that he will attach to the sheathing, on the outside of you home, and all the masonry cement that will be used for the mix to attach the brick, or stone. On our last home, the masonry contractor asked for us to supply him with sand to mix the concrete. I had the masonry sand delivered in front of the house.

It is a good idea to keep a sharp eye out on the first day of installation, to make sure they are getting the fit and look you want. If the general look of the stone is not what you had in mind, you need to offer some guidance so they will adhere to your wishes for the whole installation. It will be next to impossible to correct once the whole job is complete.

Exterior House Paint

Buying good quality house paint is, in my opinion, very important in the long run. We have owned more than one spec house in the past and found out the hard way the builder had used cheap paint. After 2 or 3 years the house was ready for another coat of paint.

Labor is by far the most expensive part of painting your home. Invest is a high quality exterior paint and it will last for many years. I would recommend Sherwin Williams Super Paint. It has been on this house for 4 years and still looks great. It is not cheap but worth the investment.
You can bid your painting turnkey, or do some, or all of it yourself. We painted the inside of this house, and it was a big job. If you have the time and energy, it is worth it, but you don�t want to slow down the process by taking too long.

I would suggest you buy the paint for the project, and supply it to your painting contractor. Also ask for the paint buckets back after they are finished. Not that your painter would do this, but some painters will put cheap paint and put in expensive paint buckets to make you think you are getting quality paint. This way they can buy cheap paint, and pocket the difference.

It is always a good idea to take the paint to them and pay attention to the paint that is put on your home. Also if you live in a humid climate mix some fungicide in the paint to keep it from mildewing.