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If the overflow walls painted white led you to a general saturation, it is time to dare to color, it is flashy, fresh and sweet. Among the options available to you, here are three good ideas to take. Or how to energize and brighten your walls without having to repaint the interior from top to bottom. follow these tips.

Paint your door color

As white as the walls in which they are embedded, the doors are forgotten. Yet by giving them some attention, they could turn into a real media deco. A red door in an interior pop, in a warm blue sea or taupe for a more classic style or romantic: these doors that jump off the wall and bring a bit of volume to the room without much effort. And to further emphasize these openings, just paint their supervision. Your doors will saw life in color.

Make use of flat colors

Another way to brighten the walls without having to completely repaint it to focus on color plates. Indeed, with solid good position, it’s easy to spice up the space of one or two key vitamin. On an old fireplace, behind the books placed on the shelf in an empty space between two walls: here, anything goes as long as it gives a full safe reviews.

Play tapes and degraded

Paint some color bands of different sizes on a wall or a recess in order to create movement in the background. Before taking action, remember to determine the desired width of the bands and their color, knowing that the ideal rhythm for more walls is to bet on a gradient.